European Astrotech Limited Quality Policy Statement

This statement outlines European Astrotech Ltd’s policy in relation to managing our quality performance.


European Astrotech is committed to improve our service and our effectiveness through complying with our quality management system which has been developed to meet the requirements of the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001. 


As part of our quality management system we have identified several core pertinent principles.  These principles are reviewed annually as part of our management review into the service we provide and our position of recognised excellence and successful project delivery within our industry. European Astrotech shall provide:


  • Customers with a product of high value, excellent quality service by:
    • Recognizing that all of our customers are important and that their satisfaction throughout all milestones of a project and not on completion of the project is one of the most important components of our own success. European Astrotech shall achieve 100% of all internal and external project milestones.
    • Making sure clear effective and controlled processes are in place to manage resources, equipment and testing services in order to deliver on all milestones.
    • Developing, managing and reviewing our quality objectives and processes to ensure our products and services meet our customer expectations.
    • Involving all employees in our quality management system and project delivery to ensure a high-level of skill, expertise, diligence and commitment to all aspects of the project.
    • Constant review of employee’s performance to ensure all technical competencies are maintained.
    • Specific project training for the work to be performed by employees to ensure skills and expertise are achieved prior to allocation of responsibilities.
    • Management of and review of fabrication partners to prevent fabrication related issues becoming apparent throughout the project that may impact upon achieving 100% of internal and external milestones.

Our aims and commitment to our quality management system are endorsed by all employees within the company and led by our Managing Director.