Educational Services

At EAL we are passionate about space exploration.  We firmly believe that, in order for the next generation of UK space engineers to appear, it is necessary to communicate just how exciting space is to children and young adults. In our experience actually talking with a space engineer, getting hands on with space hardware and seeing just how exciting a career in space can be is the best way to switch kids on to this career path. That is why, at EAL, we are developing new presentations and short courses to do just that.

Presentations are kept brief and encourage lots of discussion and questions from the children involved. They are tailored to the age group in question and can be shortened/lengthened according to the Teacher's requirements.

Our courses are more than just courses. They are space missions, designed around our experience testing and launching spacecraft, and encompass everything from mission planning, costings, payload selection, launch, data acquisition and payload data analysis.  The students get to chose what data they wish to obtain, whether they require video recording, write the test and launch procedures and then actually launch a weather balloon to the edge of space, where the Earth is curved, the sky is black and the stars and moon come out at noon. They can even design a mission logo which we can provide on special launch team polo shirts.  Take a look at our launch blog for more details on High Altitude Balloon exploration, or download our Flyer to see how you can get involved.