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22 From 22: Galileo Batch 2 Complete

Arian Flight VA244 successfully lifted the last four Galileo satellites from the batch 2 procurement into orbit yesterday.  EAL was involved in the testing and fuelling activities at more

14 from 14 - Ariane 5 orbits latest Galileo FOC satellites, Fuelled by EAL more

The Sky's No Limit! - A Host of High Altitude Balloon Launches into Near Space Planned for the Coming Months

The countdown clock is ticking for a host of High Altitude Balloon Launches into Near Space in the coming months.  These launches include test more

EAL Part of SSTL Led Consortium Awarded Innovate UK Grant for Novel Propulsion System

A British consortium led by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has been awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to c more

2015 - EAL's year in Summary

This Year EAL has successfully loaded six Galileo spacecraft, and secured contracts with Surrey Satellite to provide propellant loading services for six spacecraft to be launched more

Five Visible Planets Align in the Dawn Sky

Five planets are visible in the night skyfor the next two weeks in a rare astronomical alignment which has not happened for more than a decade. more

Evidence for a 9th Planet Discovered

Evidence for a large 9th planet at the edge of our Solar System has been discovered.  You can read about it more

HAB Griffen Soars in Textbook Flight from Abingdon School

The Griffen HAB was launched by Abingdon School on St George's Day and performed flawlessly, reaching a peak altitude of 29.41 km and enduring temperatures of -39 C before returning to E more

Galileo FM03 and FM04 - Adam and Anastacia - successfully launched

Galileo FOC FM03 amd FM04, named Adam and Anastacia, were successfully launched into orbit on Friday 27th March.  EAL provided the launch site propulsion test and fuelling services f more

Galileo FM03 and FM04, Adam and Anastacia, Successfully Fuelled at CSG more

Galileo FM03 and FM04 Successfully Pressure Tested at CSG

Galileo FM03 and FM04 were successfully tested at MEOP by EAL engineers in preparation for the loading operations in March.  The spacecraft and FGSE performed flawlessly more

Rosetta Probe Snaps Spectacular Comet Close-Ups


Europe's Rosetta spacecraft has returned some of the most detailed images yet of the comet it caught last month after a decade-long chase through deep spac more

Galileo FOC Spacecraft Launched

Galileo FOC FM1 and FM2. built by OHB system and fuelled by European Astrotech were launch from French Guiana on-board Soyuz VS09 on 22cnd August.

Pictures of the launch c more

Galileo FM01 and FM02 Successfully Fuelled


The first more

Beer in Space - London Pride Mission Soars to 28,000m and the Beer Recovered

Despite appa more

HAB 6 - The Giant Stride - Go for Launch


At 12 pm on Saturday 5th more

Successful Test Launch Paves the Way for London Pride in Space



&nbs more

Rosetta Completes "Big Burn"

The Rosetta spacecraft completed the first of it's major burns designed to put it in orbit around its' target comet in early August. more

Galileo FM02 Pressure Tests Completed at CSG

Galileo FM02 was successfully tested at MEOP by EAL engineers in preparation for the loading operations later this year.  The spacecraft and FG more

Galileo FM01 Pressure Tests Successful

The pressure tests of the Galileo FM01 spacecraft were successfully completed by EAL Engineers at Guiana Space Centre on 15/05/2014.  The next more

Galileo Launch Campaign Underway in Kourou

EAL engineers arrived in Kourou this week to begin pressure checks on the Galileo FM01 and FM02 spacecraft.  This is the first activity for EAL more

HAB-3 Snaps Picture of Home Seconds After Launch

HAB-3, EAL's latest High Altitude Balloon launch, snapped a picture of the EAL HQ seconds after launch.  The building is to the bottom lef more

HAB-3 in flight! more

Next Balloon Launch Imminent

The third an more

Galileo Fuel Arrives in French Guiana

The hydrazine fuel for the Galileo spacecraft has arrived safely in French Guiana in readiness for th efirst launch campaign that is scheduled to begin soon.  The FGSE is currently e more

Fuelling Equipment En-Route to French Guiana more

BALYOLO in Flight!!!

EAL's latest excursion to Near Space is in flight!  Launched from Westcott, BALYOLO is currently at 6km altitude and rising at 5 m/s - we expect recovery around lunchtime today! more

Second High Altitude Balloon Launch Announced

HAB-2 in Preparation more

First High Altitude Balloon Launch Successful

Despite windy launch conditions, EAL's first high altitude balloon launch was successfully performed by Sammy Graham and Ben Darby yesterday (25th February 2014).  Launch took p more

Galileo IOV Passes Validation Phase


The constellation of 4 European Space Agency ‘Galileo' satellites, that will provide highly accurate global positioning to Europe, ha more

EAL's First High Altitude Balloon Test Flight Draws Close

EAL's first High Altitude Balloon flight has been scheduled for the week commencing 17th February 2014.  The flight will set out to achiev more

Rosetta's Alarm Clock Sounds On Time

After nearly three years in Hibernation, Rosetta's internal alarm succesfully awakened the spacecraft in preparation for the rendezvous with its ta more

Rosetta Due to Awaken From Hibernation

The European Space Agency's comet-chasing spacecraft was scheduled to come alive in deep space at 10am GMT on Monday, after nearly thre more

EAL Sponsored Team Reach National Quarter Finals

Buckinghamshire County U20s Rugby Squad, who are sponsored by European Astrotech, have successfully reached the Quarter Finals of the National U20s Shie more

Propellant Tests Successfully Completed for Lorom

EAL have successfully completed propellant tests on behalf of the Lorom Group.  The tests involved immersion of selected wires in Hydrazine, Nitrogen Tetroxide and Unsymmetrical Di-M more

The Rabbit Has Landed - China Touches Down on the Moon!!

China's first moon rover and lander took photos of each other on the moon's surface Sunday night, a move that marks a complete success of the country's Chang'e more


Further to the many questions received regarding the relationship between EAL and ISP International Space Propulsion Ltd, EAL wish to issue the followin more

Galileo FM02 Simulant Offload and Drying successfully completed

EAL successfully completed the simulant offload nad drying campaign at ESA ETS (ESTEC) Holland over the weekend.  The satellite had now been handed back to OHB propulsion test engine more

Galileo On Test at ESA ETS Holland

Galileo is on test at the European Test Facility in Holland and EAL have been involved with propulsion subsystem activities, namely simulant loading and unloading.  An interesting li more

EAL refurbish B-Site Firing Bay

EAL have almost completed refurbishment of the B-Site test firing facility at Westcott. The roof has been replaced as well as the outer cladding materia more

Goodbye Planck

The European Space Agency on Wednesday said goodbye to Planck, an observatory which captured headlines and mapped the relic light of the Big more

EAL back at ETS to support Galileo

EAL engineers returned to ETS this week in order to perform the simulant offload and drying activities on the FM2 satellite. Currently the satellite has had its simulant load successfully rem more

EAL perform successful Galileo simulant loading at ETS (ESTEC)

During early September 2013 EAL successfully loaded the Galileo FM2 satellite with simulant at ETS (ESTEC) Holland in preparation for environmental test more

TechMaster - the new EAL IT service is here!

EAL is please to announce the launch of TechMaster, our new IT support service. Techmaster specialises in Home PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smar more

European Space Propulsion and European Astrotech Limited Sign Fueling and Support Services Agreement

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, June 19, 2013 – European Space Propulsion (ESP), an Aerojet Rocketdyne company, and European Astrotech Limited (EAL) announced today that they have signed more

Galileo FOC Test and Fueling Services Kick Off

On 18th July EAL representatives were at OHB System in Bremen for the kick off meeting for the Galileo FOC test and fueling services. EAL will be provid more

EAL Prepares for Galileo

After successfully completing the launch site survey in October 2012 and a successful loading campaign in China, EAL is currently preparing Fuelling Gro more

SCAPE suits arrive at EAL

EAL has taken delivery of the new series of SCAPE suits for launch campaign use in China and Russia. These lightweight suits will provide protection to more

EAL Sponsors Aylesbury RFC Academy

EAL are pleased to annouce their sponsorship of Aylesbury Rugby Clubs U18s Academy for this season.  Aylesbury RFC Academy will be developing A more

PAMELA arrives at EAL

The PAMELA mobile laboratory arrived at EAL in October and is currently undergoing commissioning trials before deployment next year.  The laboratory is performing well and it is envi more


The date for the pre-delivery inspection of PAMELA, the mobile propellant laboratory, has been fixed for 7th August 2012. Subject to a successful PDI, the laboratory will then be delivered to the EAL more

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Our website is now online!!! more