14 from 14 - Ariane 5 orbits latest Galileo FOC satellites, Fuelled by EAL

Last Updated: 21st Nov 2016 @ 16:46



Ariane 5 flight V233 roared into space yesterday carrying the latest 4 Galileo FOC spacecraft to their respective orbits.  The four Galileo satellites were fuelled in four days by European Astrotech during the V233 launch campaign in Kourou, French Guiana during October 2016.  This launch brings the total number of Galileo FOC satellites in orbit to 14, all of which have been fuelled and tested at launch site by EAL.  EAL are contracted to provide the loading services for all 22 of the Galileo FOC constellation spacecraft, with the next launch expected in 2017.

The Launch video is shown below, and a second video detailing the mission, with the EAL fuelling operations briefly shown at 11 minutes, shown below this.