The Sky's No Limit! - A Host of High Altitude Balloon Launches into Near Space Planned for the Coming Months

Last Updated: 22nd Jan 2016 @ 11:05

The countdown clock is ticking for a host of High Altitude Balloon Launches into Near Space in the coming months.  These launches include test flights for new equipment as well as a plethora of experiments being carried to the Stratosphere for various schools, who have designed and built many of the experiments themselves.  All of the flights can be tracked live on the Space Near Us website which can be found here.

Perhaps the most exciting is a dual launch of two HABs from Waddesdon School, planned for April.  This will feature experiments to measure the changes in boiling and melting point sof liquids at various presurres and temperatures, measuring thae changes in gravity as we move away from Earth, measuring changes in the magnetic field and finally, the effct of a vacuum on a paintball(!).

The Royal Latin School is first up on the launch roster, with a launch planned on Monday 25th January.  This launch will be closely followed by a launch from Chadlington School to discover how an egg behaves in Space, how seeds change with exposure to the space environment, how cola behaves in a vacuum and to see if popcorn will pop in space!  In addition Chadlington will fly an Acorn to near space and this will be recovered and planted on it's return to Earth - an acorn is Chandlington's school symbol.

Last but not least Berkhampstead School are set to continue their space exploration with a launch in March - April, following on from their successful launch last year.

In addition to these exciting projects EAL will be flying a test mission to trial new instrumentation, parachute configurations and ideas for future extreme altitude concepts.  

If you are interested in flying a high altitude balloon mission, for your school or for commercial purposes, contact Sammy Graham at European Astrotech.